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Cardio is Overrated

Many of you know I come from a football background.

In that time I was schooled into thinking that weights and 'cardio' were the ways to get your body into shape.

As I have progressed in my athletic career I have come to my own conclusions regarding cardio and weight training.

First off is this... haven't been in a gym in 3 years. Nor do I want to be.

Second is I have cut back my cardio training and plan to keep 'X-ing' them out as time goes on.

Why, you ask?

Let me introduce you to a man named MATT FUREY. This guy is the real deal and he has exercises that will boot your butt into shape quicker than George Bush escapin' from a room full of reason.

How do I know? I have used his exercises for the last four years to get my booty into shape and boy do I have proof to share. Three years ago I trained for my first marathon in Chicago. I trained the hard way... getting exercise or should I say beating my body to a pulp on the hard pavement. I don't think I missed a day on my training schedule before that race.

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Contrast that with a year later when I crushed my previous time by 27 minutes in my second marathon (in Washington D.C.)

Guess how I did it?

I cut my training efforts in half and substituted Matt Furey's exercises for the training runs I missed.

All his exercises gives you anerobic workouts as well as aerobic workouts - all by using just your OWN BODYWEIGHT!

He has people of all ages, shapes and sizes doing what he calls his Combat Conditioning exercises. Its perfect for people who want to get back in shape because their is no major investment of a gym fees or a weight set. The only thing you need to get started is yourself, some sporty tenner shoes and a tall glass of ice water.

These exercises came in handy when I needed toget quick, efficient workouts in being a NEW DAD and a NEW ENTREPRENEUR. Time is of the essence now more than ever.

Earlier this year I was fortunate enoughto meet Matt at one of his seminars.
To make a long story quick, we have teamed up to bring you a butt-kickin' success bundle to get you in shape and FAST!

It is called the Matt Furey Goal Tracker Success Package.
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We've combined our expertise: my visual goal tracking methodology (used in FitBoom) with his amazing exercises knowledge and goal setting techniques into one program.

Take charge of your health– TODAY and make exercise fun & easy with this one– two punch combo package.

No retreat, no surrender,

Vince Palko

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