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77% of Endurance Training is Mental

When you listen to most so-called authorities regarding
endurance enhancement you'll hear - one thing.

Get more biking, running, swimming, or whatever it is you are trying to improve.

Ha, ha, ha and hah!

If someone is feeding you that line, chances are they've regurgitated
something from a text book or something handed down from
their grandparents, grandparent who used to run in LD races
back in stone ages.

Here's the new buzz on SUPER stamina and endurance.

Taught by a fresh voice with a fresh attitude.

Taught by yours truly, 'Mr. P' as some of my clients call me.

Seventy-seven percent of endurance is mental.

Dont believe me.

Let me illustrate my point witha couple of examples.

My college football coach, Gary Blackney, had a fovorite saying he shared
every year during the hottest point in of three-a-day practice.

YES, the dog days of summer, not one practice during the day -- not two.
But three. And that was considered normal.

He'd say, 'When you think you are completely spent
and dont have an ounce left to give. At that point, right at that point, you have
about 45% left in your reserve tank.'

Then we'd proceed to run 110 yrd sprints for 30 minutes.

Now switch to my second marathon about 3 miles left to go.
Was feeling the effects of my 230 lb frame hitting the pavement 3000 steps or so. I kept mouth shut and my mind on other things, like the burst of watermelon flavor in my mouth from a sucker a fan in the crowd threw to me.

Another runner half my size moved up next to me. 'How you feeling.'

'Never better,' I said. 'How about you?'

He proceeded to list everything on his body that hurt down to his pinky toe. Then he explained how he was sooo tired.

Shorty after are talk, I passed him. And never saw him again.
He was mentally beat more than anything. You could see it.
His negative chatter ended up winning- not him.

Now, if you've NEVER played football or raced a marathon,
HOW does this apply to you.

Good question.

Most people are spent by the end of the day.

They come home eat a meal, then plop down on the couch
and watch TV. Very often you'll hear them say:

I'm beat.

I'm so tired.

I had a tough day.

This repeated rant to whomever will listen becomes a hypnotic affirmation.

And their body responds with, 'Your wish is my command.' They
lay around getting zero things accomplished ‘cept getting caught
up on boob tube shows.


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Most people want to know what to DO in order to improve
their stamina and energy. In this case, though, what I'm sharing is not what to do. But what NOT to do to boost stamina. Catch yourself before you recite these above phrases. Then observe how your energy shifts.

Being that I nuked the 'tired' affirmations for the last seven of my life,
I have been able to accomplish life rich with accomplishments. What others only dream of.

Now what I shared today is a mere glimpse into my approach to revitalizing your energy and building endurance. In Triple Your Endurance, I outline 7 major keys to practice and implement into your daily routine. When you this, you’ll join men and women all over the world who transformed from a lumps of fatigued messes into lively energetic, vim and vigor butt kickers.

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Unleash Your Endurance,

Vince Palko


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