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My Uncensored Opinion of Energy Drinks

Whether you are an athlete or non athlete, there is
no doubt youve come across some of the energy concoctions
on the market. You know the pills, the energy drinks, the gels and so on.

My first experience with these started back in 1995
when playing pro football in Germany.

I'm not lying to you when I say that
Karsten, a fellow linebacker, had a weekly ritual
of suckingdown 6 or 7 Red Bulls in the locker room pregame.

What thehell.

At the time, these drinks were no where to be found in the states, so I hadnt
an idea what they were and what they did. My teammates clued me in and
I learned they were like 3 Do the Dews in one.

'Karsten, what in Toledo are you doing with 1 energy drink
let alone 7 drinks to get you ready to play ball.'

Silence. He kept dressing for the game.

Okay, to each his own, I thought.

And there he was each and every week popping the top on his sugary
drink for extra energy. The interesting thing I noticed by the end of the game, Karsten looked ready to curl up on his duffle bag for a nap -when the rest of team was on their way to celebrate and paint the Red Light district - well, red.

He traded a hangover for some extra energy up front. No thanks.

Some time later when I ran my first marathon in Chicago, I came across these false energy drinks again.
Only this time they were the goopy gel packs.

If youve ever been to a pre race expo before a big race,
you know reps from these companies pass out gel packets and energy bars like theyre going out of style. I looked around watching people nab them up like kids in a candy store.

The pitch was theyd keep your energy up at the most critical point in the race towards the end.

So I socked a couple away. When it came time to use them,
I swallowed one. It was nasty stuff, so I tossed the
rest of them.

I didn't even feel a surge of energy like the reps had promised.
Then the worst part came. I felt me energy levels plummet. And it became even more challenging to get through the race. I had no idea what was going on. Due to the sugar load being used up there I was like in one of those Road Runner cartoons right before Wyle E Cyote hangs in mid air before he drops 200 ft. It was one of the most challenging things I had to endure.

Contrast that the next year when I didn't touch the gel crap and improved my time almost 30 minutes.

I did so simply practicing my breathing repetitions to the point of being
2nd nature. As taught in Triple Your Endurance.


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If you have been curious about these energy drinks and gels AVOID them at all cost. Don't waste your money, theyre craap. The sugar content is through the roof. What should you do instead? Good quest. WHile racing drink the water, drink the gatorade, munch a couple of cookies but most of all ...

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