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How to Reduce Joint Pain When You Run

I just got back from a 30 minute jog a few minutes ago.

I've always been a morning runner, but lately I enjoy running at night when no one is up and the moon and stars are out.

Being in this cool, quiet environment helps me focus on tasks I need to accomplish... Or focus on the day that just ended.

No other time of day works as well 'cause I run on the neighbors lawns without them knowing. And in case you are wondering - the grass holds up just fine. It's not like I'm turfing every square inch of their lawns. I'm simply dashing through the yards next to the sidewalk. The soft grass is my cushion for my 228 pound frame.

Side note: Running on the grass reminds me of a story from a few months back.

I was in the airport wearing my favorite red shirt that reads Team Toledo. That's the triathlon club I joined last summer and their free gift to me for joining. On the back it has 3 icons: running, swimming and biking with the words “triathlon club.”

Anyway, so I'm sitting there and this older pudgy gent walks up behind me and says, “Do you run triatho-l-oons and such?”

“Yep and marathons too”

“Wow – so what are you running from?”

“Nothing, its about the challenge for me. My confidence surges when I cross the finish line. I love that feeling.” I told him.

“You know a guy your size probably has a gazillion pounds of pressure exerted on your joints every time your shoes hit the pavement. Yer lucky you still have yer knees.“

“No, because I don't run on pavement- I run on grass.”

“Grass... (pause)... the only grass I run on is the kind you smoke.”

He finished his sentence, winked, smiled and walked away.


Today's message is simple, your body doesn't have to endure the body shrinking effects of running on pavement.


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I learned early, your body will never win against pavement or concrete.

So here are some tips of how to avoid beating yourself up from running.

Top Four Surfaces For Low Impact Running

1) As mentioned above, grass.
2) There is snow falling this time of year in the northern hemisphere
of the globe. Run on it, avoid the ice- make it a game.
3) Dirt trails filled with leaves and soft earth- feel the pounding going into the ground not into your joints
4) Run on the beach, vary your runs on the soft sand and the hard stuff

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Push on,

Vince Palko

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