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The Most Important Ingredient to Increase Your Endurance

I completed my first Olympic distance triathlon this past year. Those of you who aren't familiar with the sport... it's a 1.5k swim, 40k bike and 10k run (performed in that order).

A BIG check mark placed next to that goal– Mission Accomplished!

Though they had to clock me with a sun dial
on the swim, I was happy as a clam to exit the water and get to the other two events.

My wife pointed out, “While most of those guys were perfecting their technique at their lifeguard jobs in the summer, you were smacking around tailbacks in the summer. Don't worry, you'll get there.”

Very true. I never thought of it like that.

My goal was to catch and pass as many people being that I had a slow start.

I noticed something about everyone I passed ('cept one).
I couldn't hear them breathe– as if they were
non-existent. As a result they had short, low strides.
One cat looked like the guy on the Gatorade commercial
where at any moment his body was going to cease up.

Most people think that breathing is a given when running.
When really out of abut 25 people I passed only one
person was doing it correctly.


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And here's evidence that it works. I felt my left quad crap and tighten
at mile one. I was getting a bit nervous being that I had
several miles yet to go. I realized I wasn't breathing.
And as a result could feel the lactic acid building up.
So I began breathing in a rhythmic pattern. Deep inhales and exhales.
Then shorter ones. Very soon after I could feel the crapping vanish.

This is the single best tip I can offer: DON'T FORGET TO BREATHE.
I have no soreness today which is the result of no lactic acid building
up in my muscles due to breathing. This is TRULY amazing considering
a clydesdale body (230lbs) like mine taking all the pounding it did.

I remember running by one gent who had silent breaths and I
shouted, “Don't forget to breathe.” He muttered something under
his breath and I kept on truckin.

Staying strong in the latter part of the race would not have been
possible if it wasn't for my Combat Conditioning work. I focused
on Hindu Squats over the last several weeks to build strength
where I needed it most in my legs and am glad I did! It all paid off
when I passed those people one by one (as if they were standing still).

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Stay focused & motivated, and 'eh hem... DON'T FORGET TO BREATHE.

By Vince Palko

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