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Will Running In the Cold Weather Cause Illness?

By Vince Palko

As the blustery cold winds pick up and the temp drops - a common question I typically get is, 'Should I run inside or outside in the winter?'

Depending on how low the temps get this is what I suggest.

I have a simple way of testing it out. If your nose hairs don't freeze up
every time you take a breath, it's okay to run outside - at least for mid to long distance clips.

You can always take a quick 10-15 minute jaunt in most sub-zero weather.

For me, if I have a choice between a hot stuffy house
(like grandma keeps her digs) or a gym- I'll opt for outside time.

Just like cold showers I believe there are many healing benefits to being in the cold weather. This is contrary to how I was brought up. My parents programmed me to think the cold weather equalled sickness. As a result they spent a good deal the time at the doctors with us. Imagine that.


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In college, I found there theory NOT to be true having a roommate who wanted the window open all night. He believed germs thrived in a warm, stuffy climate and died with cool fresh air poured into to our tiny dorm room.

He was a pretty smart cat cause it disproved my parents
theory that if you were cold or felt the cold you were bound
to get sick. Today, my good friend works as a Doctor in Pittsburgh.

Some cold weather tips before heading out into the cool fresh air.

1) Always where a nit cap. Keeps the heat in and your ears don;'t feel like they'll drop off your head
2) Make sure you breathe
3) Start off going short distances and progressively increase it
4) You'll know when your body has adapted itself
because after runs you won't have the burning sensation in your lungs.

Make a habit of getting out in the cooler
weather whenever you can. Even if its to get
your five minute walks in- learn to enjoy being outside!
It will revitalize and energize you like you've never felt before.

Plus, its better than being stuck inside somewhere with that dry hot air.

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