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How to Do Snow Sprints for Endurance
Feel Like a Kid Again While Gettin' Fit Runnin' in the Snow


I've always been a huge Rocky movie series fan.

Unlike a 2 liter pop bottle being open too many times, the inspiration from watching Rock train in the harsh conditions of Syberia never seems to go flat.

That’s how it felt going for an evening stroll while doing some jog/walks.

The neighborhood was blanketed with a thick coat of white.  Wind howling with fluffy snow dropping everywhere.

My mind instantly went back to my childhood and loving being in the snow.  The houses were lip up like Christmas trees- (oops I wasn’t supposed to use that Politically Incorrect holiday word).

I laugh when people say they can’t stand winter.

“If me don’t likey, likey - me move down south,” I think to myself.

Just like Chaz, my big brother, who moved to Jacksonville Beach because he had had enough with winter.

And now he enjoys warm winters and even warmer summers.

For now, I enjoy this time of year here.  Why it’s the time of year for Snow Dives and such. Maybe that will change someday.

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So after a finishing my 2-mile trek and mind clearing Jalks, I came back to the house.

When I walked up our  ‘el driveway-o I noticed I was standing in 6 inches of white stuff that called me to clear it away. Wow, not bad for a couple hour dumping.

I whipped out the shovel and proceeded to continue my childhood behavior by doing Snow Sprints while my neighbor laughed shooting snow 20 feet in the air with his snow blower.

Basically, plow through the snow with your arms extended the shovel out in front of you.

Make sure every other plow - you walk. And read the disclaimer at the botton before starting.

The accumulative weight from gathering snow in my shovel while sprinting down my driveway was great for a 20-minute anaerobic and aerobic workout.

And people don’t have time to exercise… tisk, tisk. There’s always time.

A few minutes later and here I am buzzing feeling great writing YOU this note.  Get in touch with your inner child and grow younger with what life lays in front of you.

Then when you come inside to warm yourself by the roaring fire, sipping your hot cup of tea or cocoa pop my latest CDs from Triple Your Endurance into your stereo and enjoy some more Energy Optimizing information without giving you the jitters of coffee.

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Vince Palko


Ps. Word to the wise, for those of you who have stone driveways or uneven craks in the driveway - sprinting is made easier holding the handle of the shovel more parallel to the ground.

Or you’ll take a shot to the mid-section with the shovel handle- Youch!

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