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How a big, clumsy 235lb
Clydesdale dashed and peddled
past people half his
age and size by utilizing
triathlon training secrets!!!"



Dear Triathlon Athlete,

Let's cut to the chase.

I bet you think you know what I am talking about when it comes to increasing your endurance. So let's cover them off the endurance building myths one-by-one.

No, I am not talking about disgusting gels or powders.

I'm not talking about choking down a giant plate of pasta before the night of the race.

And no I am not talking about training until your face and body turn you into a stone sculpture - from overwork and exhaustion.

How much time do you think you could shave from your next race if you had triple the endurance you now have?

I'm betting a lot.

triathlon training Vince Palko in action at a Triathlon

Can you imagine what your next race will be like?  Let me recap your future event for you.  

You dive into the water and effortlessly swim ‘round all the buoys. Like Lance Armstrong you attack the bike course from the very start.  Finally, you take to the foot

race and now it’s time to shake that turkey who’s been hanging with you the last part of the race. 

You sprint out of the transition area and a half mile in you feel a slight cramp developing in your right quad.  You know you have approximately 5.5 miles to go and you’re not about to slow down.  So what do you do?  Maintain your current pace and hope it goes away?

What if at this point you could simultaneously heal yourself and kick into third gear when other racers only maintain their speed?  Yes, by learning certain body weight exercises - you can!  Plus, having access to breathing techniques born out of Eastern philosophy, you'll have a secret weapon against fatigue!

Hi, I’m Vince Palko and I’ve assembled endurance building, and super muscle strengthening secrets designed specifically for the triathlete who wants the extra edge without adding additional training.

These triathlon training techniques will help you:

1. Generate triple your endurance

Create explosive, bionic-like legs to kick it into 3rd gear at any time in the race

3. Relieve leg cramps and end muscle fatigue once and for all
Recover quicker from workouts and get back on the road or in the pool training so you can improve your time
5. Simply pack endless energy into your body like a gazelle for daily living -- even while training

It’s not a new sugary drink or a pill to pop. 

It's not a fancy piece of equipment you use to help you glide through the water and air without effort.

These easy-to-learn tips build animal like endurance fast and pump energy into your system like that of a power plant.  The best part is you do NOT have to spend all day working out- only train smarter.


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Discover Shockingly Simple, Yet Super Effective Endurance Building Secrets

Sit back and soak up my energizing endurance tips and exercises in a 40-minute, hard-hitting informative conversation on Audio CD.   For a limited time only I’m making this available to triathletes.  I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to keep this on the market.  I only want a small number of people knowing this incredible, performance enhancing information.  After all, I could be competing against you someday and I need to limit my competition!

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But seriously ... so do you want some visible proof these techniques work?

Check this out...

Shift Your Energy Into 3rd Gear When
Other Racers Are On Vapors

Let me show you visible proof of what Triple Your Endurance has done for me. If we look at my marathon races alone you can see one example how this works. I'll take you back to the second marathon I ran in Washington D.C. Just when others have reached their limit with muscular endurance and stamina, I was sprinting through the finish line.

triathlon training
Clydesdale athlete, Vince Palko, cruising through the finish line in Washington D.C.

The last mile in the race was straight uphill to the Iwo Jima monument.  This was the toughest part of the race especially after an exhausting 25 mile run.

Notice the guy in blue behind me in frame 1.

In frame 2, I realize I only have a minute left to go or I will not achieve my goal.  I immediately start to incorporate some of the techniques I teach in Triple Your Endurance and start sprinting until I cross the finish line in frame 3.

Notice where "Him," the guy half my size, is in relation to me.  He's eating my dust 80 yards behind me.  Just think, he might have hit his goal (whatever it was) if I'd taught him my secret techniques.

triathlon training order

If a big dumb x-football player can improve his times in marathons by 30 minutes, then you can do it as well. Any long distance athlete who races in marathons, triathlons, century bike rides, ultra events and so on can benefit from what I teach. By shifting your training subtly, you are sure to do the same. These are simple yet profound tools every triathlon racer vitally needs to exceed in this sport.


Triathlon Training - FREE Bonus #1

If you are one of the first 20 who buy, you’ll also receive my patented Triathlon Success Time Tracker.  This visual-based, goal-focusing tool allows you to set goals for each leg of the race and achieve amazing success. When you see how well this works to achieve your best time, you'll agree it was worth the price of the program by itself.  

Triathlon Training - FREE Bonus #2

Also, for jumping on the endurance building train, you'll receive another free bonus. But, nope, can't reveal what this one is. I can however tell you that 95% of your success on race day will be from your preparation. This gift will do more than help you prepare. So you'll have to wait and see when you open your cardboard priority mail pack what it is.

Now go get after it.

Unleash Your Endurance,

triathlon training

Vince Palko

Ps. You and I both know winners look for the slight edge to boost their performance. Are you a winner or loser? Not sure myself. We've never met. If you are, you understand winners are not afraid to spend extra money to get the right equipment; better shoes, a faster bike and a good quality wetsuit- if and only if - they know it will enhance their time. This program will improve your time. Its something you want to add to your long distance performance "enhancing" toolbox. The choice is simply yours.


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